Resources for Students: Summer Edition

Here are some great summer activity ideas from our teachers. See you in August!

Outdoor Activities

Grow your own food this summer

Reading and Math Activities

Summer Typing Practice

There are many free resources online to help you practice your typing skills. Two good sites are linked below.

When you practice make sure you follow these tips. Your typing will improve if you do!

  • Use both hands at all times.
  • Keep your hands on the home row keys.
  • Take your time and go slow! Your first goal is to be accurate. If you practice consistently, you will get faster as your accuracy improves!

Dance Mat Typing

Dance Mat Typing has 12 free typing lessons with no login or account required. It was created by the BBC Bitesize team, the educational site for kids run by the BBC.

Typing Club Website

The Typing Club website has 663 free typing lessons with no login or account needed. We do not have a school account, but this free resource is recommended by Common Sense Media.

Digital Resources

Students at Belvedere use a variety of digital tools each day.  Ranging from productivity and collaboration tools to online databases and e-book collections, these resources are essential elements of their daily learning.  Explore the links below to access these tools. 

Resources Requiring a Student Login

Except for online textbooks, these resources can all be accessed using your child's FCPS network ID (student ID number) and network password. Network passwords are unique and student selected. Please contact your child's teacher if your student has difficulty remembering his or her password information at home.

Resource Login information
Blackboard/FCPS 24-7

student's network ID & password


(can be used on iPads!)

student's network ID & password

*Note - Directions to set up Dreambox on an iPad can be found here.

FCPS G-Suite for Education

student's network @email & password

example username:



(can be used on most tablets/phones!) 

student's network ID & password

student's network ID & password

Research Tools and eBooks

FCPS students have access to many high-quality, digital research tools and eBook collections. A password is required to access these resources at home. Passwords for each resource can be found in the "FCPS Online Resources" section of your child's current Blackboard course site. Please contact our school-based technology specialist or librarian for more information on accessing these resources.