Program of Inquiry

The PYP has identified six transdisciplinary themes that help to organize the Program of Inquiry (POI).

Each of the transdisciplinary themes:

  • has global significance for all students in all cultures.
  • offers students the opportunity to explore the commonalities of human experience.
  • is supported by knowledge, concepts, and skills from the traditional subject areas but utilizes them in ways that transcend the confines of these subjects, thereby contributing to a transdisciplinary model of teaching and learning.
  • will be revisited throughout the students’ years of schooling, so that the end result is immersion in broad-ranging, in-depth, articulated curriculum content.
  • contributes to the common ground that unifies the curriculums in all PYP schools.

Each unit on the POI is unique, and students will be taught each one during their time at Belvedere. PYP units of inquiry are transdisciplinary in nature and teachers use structured inquiry to guide students through each unit.  Explore each grade level's POI below.