Evelyn Phillips

Multiple Disabilities Teacher

Hi! My name is Evelyn.

I am a special education teacher working with little students in K through 2nd grade. This is my second year at Belvedere Elementary school and my 10th year as an educator. Along my professional journey, I have taught at the secondary level, university level, and now the primary level.

I am thrilled to work in an environment where children are encouraged to be inquisitive and develop inquiring minds. My role affords me the opportunity to be innovative and forward thinking in my approach as I help students discover their unique way of learning.

I live an adventurous life. I consider it a gift and I embrace it! I left my home in London England to marry a US Army officer. I watched as my three amazing children took off to become caring and bold adults, I have lived in in awesome locations, and now I find myself at Belvedere Elementary working with some phenomenal individuals.

I am a fitness instructor – I love to teach Zumba and lead Yoga practices. I enjoy running and the occasional hike. My two most exhilarating treks – Mt. Katahdin (Knife Edge) and in and out of the Grand Canyon in 12 hours! Next stop, El Camino De Santiago 😊


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