Alexandra Schwartz

Gifted Education Center Teacher, ES


I have lived in Virginia since I was young, and am an FCPS graduate from George C. Marshall High School where I earned an IB certificate. 

For my undergraduate studies, I attended the University of Virginia and earned a B.A. in biology. After visiting a 5th grade classroom to teach some systems lessons to students, I soon realized that the only thing I loved more than doing science was teaching it. I went on to receive my Master’s of Education in Curriculum & Instruction from George Mason University.

I am excited to join the Belvedere Bulldogs for my 8th consecutive year of teaching 5th grade. IB PYP will be new for me, but the principles behind it embody everything I value about education.

In my spare time, you can find me relaxing at home with my partner of 13 years and our 20 year old Quaker parrot named Peep. I enjoy crafting, aquaculture, and playing video games.

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