How the world works

Unit 1

Transdisciplinary Theme

How the world works: an inquiry into the natural world and its laws, the interaction between the natural world (physical and biological) and human societies; how humans use their understanding of scientific principles; the impact of scientific and technological advances on society and on the environment.

Central Idea

Critical reflection and action transform our ideas and communities. 

Key Concepts: Related Concepts

  • Perspective: Identity
  • Change: Community
  • Connection: Relationships

Lines of Inquiry

An inquiry into…

  • experimentation for understanding
  • number relationships and characteristics
  • how perspective impacts our community knowledge

Attributes of the Learner Profile

  • Risk-Taker
  • Inquirer
  • Reflective

Approaches to Learning

  • Research: Formulating and planning, Data gathering and recording, Synthesizing and interpreting, Evaluating and communicating (We want students to understand the scientific/inquiry process → addressing each part)

  • Self Management - Organization

  • Social: Interpersonal relationships

FCPS Portrait of a Graduate Traits

  • Communicator
  • Goal Directed and Resilient Individual
  • Collaborator

FCPS Curriculum by Content Area