Find out more about what's happening before and after school and other student activities

Student Leadership Opportunities

We encourage all Belvedere students to take action to make their school a better place. There are leadership opportunities for students as young as second grade. Reach out to any of the contacts listed below if you have questions about any of these opportunities!

Belvedere News Network Morning News Show (Grade 5)

The BNN team produces the morning news show every day starting in October. Students rotate through each job to experience being an anchor, running the camera, writing the show, etc. 5th graders audition in the fall to show their speaking skills and proficiency with Google Docs & Slides. Teacher recommendation based on responsibility and independence is also required.

*BNN conflicts with SCA, Safety Patrol, and Green Team

Contact: Marcie Atkins (librarian) or Sanya Chopra (Technology Specialist)

Belvedere Bark Student Newspaper (Grades 4-5)

The Belvedere Bark team meets biweekly to publish the school newspaper. 4th and 5th graders sign up for specific roles with teacher recommendations based on responsibility, open-mindedness, creativity, and cooperation.

Contact: Emily Jemison (ESOL Teacher)

Student Council Association (Grades 4-5)

The SCA meets monthly to plan ways to give back to the school and encourage school spirit. Officers and class representatives are elected each the fall in 4th and 5th grade homeroom classes.

*Conflicts with BNN

Contact Layla Mastroianni or Teresa Ballard (school counselors)

Safety Patrol (Grades 4-5)

The safety patrol monitors school hallways and assists students in getting to and from school safely. Selection takes place in the fall based on teacher, administrator, and bus driver recommendation in the areas of responsibility, reliability, ability to work well with others, and good decision making.

*Requires parent permission. Bus patrols must be bus riders.

*Conflicts with BNN and Green Team (morning patrols only)

Contact: Kate Norton (PE teacher)

Waste Watchers (Grade 4 or 5, will determine in the fall based on scheduling)

4th or 5th graders will sign up to participate in Waste Watchers in the fall. They run the Belvedere cafeteria composting program by tracking data, delivering compost to the outside tumblers, and educating other students about composting.

Contact: Andrea Auerbach (Environmental Education teacher)

Welcoming Committee (Grades 3-5)

3rd through 5th graders apply in the fall to be on the Welcoming Committee. The Welcoming Committee was created by a group of fifth graders during their PYP Exhibition project. The group  noticed that there are new students who come to Belvedere during the school year and they wanted each and every student to feel welcome. The committee is responsible for labeling the school, announcing monthly PYP attributes on BNN, giving new student tours, and helping at evening events and PYP exhibition.

Contact: Ellen Rogers (PYP Coordinator)

Green Team (Grades 3-5)

3rd through 5th graders sign up for specific projects of interest throughout the year. Students meet for a multi-week period during the school year to tackle a specific problem or project related to the environment, stewardship, and/or conservation. A lottery may be used depending on student interest.

*Conflicts with BNN and morning patrols                 

Contact: Andrea Auerbach (Environmental Education teacher)

Garden Club (Grades 2-5)

2nd through 5th graders can sign up in the spring and/or fall to participate in Garden Club. Students water, weed, plant, and otherwise care for the gardens around our school once per month during recess.

Contact: Stacey Evers and Andrea Auerbach (Environmental Education teachers)

Outdoor Club

Our Outdoor Club meets once per month (usually on the first Saturday of the month) rain or shine to go out and explore nature together! Students and their families are invited to drive separately or enjoy a bus ride with other Bulldogs. Bus pick-up is at Belvedere as well as Barcroft View.

Check the Outdoor Club calendar for the dates of any upcoming outings. Previous trips include Huntley Meadows, Mason Neck Park, Lake Accotink, Riverbend Park, Luria Park, Great Falls (Maryland), and Roosevelt Island.

Please Andrea Auerbach if you are interested in participating!

a photo from one of last year's Outdoor Club outings

Student Running Clubs

Boys Run Belvedere

The boy's running group will be meeting for practices on Thursdays from 4:00-5:00. At the end of the season, they will participate in the Jingle Bell 5K.

Sole Sisters

Sole Sisters is a running club with a focus on having fun while exercising. The girls are provided a healthy snack, tips on ways to stay healthy, as well as being exposed to “fun” way of exercising. In the fall, we’ve played kickball, Frisbee games, participated in relay races and took classes in Zumba. In addition, we also trained for a 5K. Our goal for Sole Sisters is to have fun while exercising and what better way to do that than with 60 of your friends!

Late Day Learners

With Late Day Learners, Belvedere Elementary School offers a variety of fun and educational after-school enrichment classes. These classes are available to all students and are designed to support school work, enrich interests and talents, and, most importantly, to be fun! Classes will be offered throughout the entire academic year, in three 8-week sessions – Fall, Winter and Spring. Classes run from 4:10-5:10 every day.  

Find out more on the PTA website!