Typing Activities for Kids

Resources for students learning how to type

Websites to learn to type

  • Dance Mat Typing Dance Mat Typing offers a sequence of lessons that introduce students to typing. The lessons have animated characters that appeal to younger students.
  • Typing Club Typing Club has lessons that teach students typing basics and offers games to practice between new lessons. Typing Club is better for older elementary students learning to type. Please note that we do not have a school code and that the free version of this site has ads that cannot be dismissed.

When you practice make sure you follow these tips. Your typing will improve if you do!

  • Use both hands at all times.
  • Keep your hands on the home row keys.
  • Take your time and go slow! Your first goal is to be accurate. If you practice consistently, you will get faster as your accuracy improves!

Websites to practice typing

Once you know how to type properly, practice your skills using these free games. Please note that since these are free, many of these sites include ads that cannot be disabled.