Where we are in place and time

Unit 2

Transdisciplinary Theme

Where we are in place and time: an inquiry into orientation in place and time; personal histories; homes and journeys; the discoveries, explorations and migrations of humankind; the relationship between and the interconnectedness of individuals and civilizations, from local and global perspectives.

Central Idea

Stories explain ideas about our world and the human experience.

Key Concepts: Related Concepts

  • Perspective: Interpretation
  • Change: Evolution
  • Connection: Relationsip

Lines of Inquiry

  • The connection between modern ideas and ancient stories
  • Cultural interpretation of knowledge
  • Stories about the Earth

Attributes of the Learner Profile

  • Communicator
  • Knowledgeable
  • Reflective

Approaches to Learning

  • Thinking - Creative Thinking - generating novel ideas and considering new perspectives
  • Communication - Interpreting and Listening

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