How the World Works

Unit 2

Transdisciplinary Theme

How the world works: an inquiry into the natural world and its laws, the interaction between the natural world (physical and biological) and human societies; how humans use their understanding of scientific principles; the impact of scientific and technological advances on society and on the environment.

Central Idea

Change affects us.

Key Concepts: Related Concepts


  • causation: patterns/sequences
  • change: characteristics, cause and effect
  • connection: comparison

Lines of Inquiry

  • Motion creates change  
  • Ways to measure change
  • Change can follow a pattern or sequence
  • Learning can change our ideas

Attributes of the Learner Profile

  • Caring
  • Principled
  • Risk-Taker

Approaches to Learning

  • Self management: Organization: Learning and follow through on routines
  • Communication: Speaking - discuss and negotiate ideas and knowledge with peers and teachers.

FCPS Portrait of a Graduate Traits

  • Goal-Directed and Resilient Individual
  • Collaborator 

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