Storybook Pumpkin Festival

October 10, 2018

All students are invited to celebrate great books by decorating pumpkins as storybook characters!


  1. The book from which a storybook character is chosen should be an elementary school appropriate title.
  2. Please avoid characters based on toys, trading cards, TV shows or movies unless the book was published prior to the related toys, trading cards, TV shows or movies.
  3. The pumpkin must be smaller than the student’s head and should fit in a backpack. In fact, the entire display should fit on a paper plate.
  4. The pumpkin can be painted, glued, pinned, or otherwise added to, but NOT carved (we would like to avoid the magic of decomposition within the library.)
  5. The student should provide three clues (sentences) about the identity of their character on a 4 x 6 card (or similar paper). On the back, they should write the character’s name, the book title, and their own name.
  6. Pumpkins will be displayed in the library from October 15—October 31.
  7. Pumpkins can be dropped off at the library on any day during that window.
  8. By November 1, students can pick up their pumpkins or ask their friendly librarian to make them disappear.

*There is no full-time pumpkin guard. Please do not attach treasured items to your pumpkin.*